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Everything starts hard, my blog updates slower and slower because I do not have time to process photos. When I was wrongly returning from Ho Chi Minh City to Kuala Lumpur on that day, I was idle at the airport to turn on the computer and take photos of the itinerary for these days. After selecting the photos to be used, I started to play drafts on the plane. come out.

In the days of Ho Chi Minh I lived in Papaya Saigon Central Hotel . A week before departure through Agoda to find the hotel lucky to find this newly opened a few months, the location is excellent and discounted in this hotel, see the last one room did not consider more quickly set down. I had not much expectation of Vietnam, as long as there is food around the place to live just fine, because this is a newly opened hotel, the site does not even have a real photo of the room, all of them are designers draw the picture only, When I thought about doing a bad job completely different, who do not know so good luck set to a high cost of the hotel! So quickly open to share, so that plans to Ho Chi Minh City to play or work friends have reference.

Papaya Saigon Central Hotel  is conveniently located in the first district of Ho Chi Minh City. It  takes only 30 minutes to take the Uber from the airport and the fare is about 77,000VND. From here to take the airport a little bit more expensive, to 125,000VND, but the fare it still seems very cheap! Opposite the hotel is the Tealive specialty shop, each time you see there are many customers inside, the Vietnamese really like to drink tea and coffee ah!
Our Deluxe Room looks like this, of course, is not the same with the designer drawing, but the overall feel comfortable, and spacious enough! I do not want to get up early in the morning out to eat breakfast, I specifically set the hotel with the breakfast package (then he does not get up I am not afraid to have to eat), do not know is not a new discount, with breakfast package actually no extra charge lucky!).
We are assigned to the lower level of the room, outside the window you can see the view of trees and busy roads. The location of this hotel is really good, although located in the bustling District 1 business district, but far from the noisy streets, no noise can not be heard on the window, walking distance to the attractions are also very close ). When I was living here, except for going back and forth to the airport, we all played with one leg in Ho Chi Minh City and did not travel at all.
After the cable dropped out of the TV a bit not very good-looking, but quite a lot of radio on the television to choose to stay in the room is not boring.
 The room is spacious and not fake, as well as wardrobe, minibar space.
Fully equipped, safe, refrigerator, water heater and more.
 Comes daily with drinking water (though a little vial), Vietnamese coffee bags, tea bags and more.
 Everything in the refrigerator (including the big branch of the water) are to pay, this point should pay attention slightly! In fact, there is a convenience store next door, you can buy your favorite drink back fridge.
Bathroom surprised me! Three-star hotel did not expect there will be so nice and spacious bathroom.
 The mirror has a very good light, after that, I have to put such a bathroom mirror!
In addition to the bathroom shower and bathtub! ! Unfortunately, a few days stay there is no chance to use the bathtub (drink bad bath + too lazy to prepare a bath). This trip forgot to bring a toothbrush, the hotel has long been prepared.
Downstairs there is an affiliated bar restaurant where you can dine, drink coffee and enjoy cocktails.
 I really like this wooden bar, there is a bunch of stars!
Upstairs restaurant seats, rainforest feel, is my favorite color!
Breakfast included in the hotel was originally a one-point,
you can choose from more than 20 kinds of choice to eat, check in a few days we eat a different day!
Start your day with a cup of Vietnamese coffee every morning!
I really like the taste of Vietnamese coffee ~ ^^
Tasting hotel breakfast during the stay, including Vietnam’s most worthwhile to try Pho, materials to be sincere!
In fact, the most pleasant surprise is the night back to the room at Christmas Eve see the finishing of the bed with a hand made Christmas cards,
there are also kindly called us two names of the hotel manager signature handwritten message.
Check  Papaya Saigon Central Hotel  experience is really good, I recommend it to everyone slightly!

Ho Chi Minh City Hall | Bitexco Tower (The World of Heineken) | Backpacker Street
Near the hotel Cuisines: Cafe RuNam Boutique (Takashimaya Vietnam) | Ben Thanh Street Cocochin Food Court | Khanh Casa Tea House 

Papaya Saigon Central Hotel
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